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Don’t you wish that people would condemn, ridicule, dehumanize, and ostracize teenagers with this opinion?

Best Answer: I actually managed to forget Good Charlotte ever existed. Thanks man, for reminding me...I thought I repressed those memories.:
12 answers · Politics · 3 days ago

I have a micro "CARBON footprint" compared to most people. I buy LED bulbs because they save me money yet look good. I work from home and...?

when I do go out, I drive an extremely efficient car. Al Gore and George Clooney and the like have mansions, massive limo's, jets... Perhaps they're the problem rather than us. Think?
14 answers · Other - Science · 3 days ago

Politically, should gay actors be allowed to play straight characters?

Best Answer: Sure. Actors should be able to play any roles offered them. That's what acting is. Jim Parsons plays a straight man on "Big Bang Theory" and Billy Crystal played a gay man in "Soap". A job is a job.:
24 answers · Politics · 1 day ago