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What would a bet recommend for pink eye?

My puppy as an abnormal amount of drainage from her left eye. It might not be pink eye; but, what would I expect from a vet visit.
16 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago

U.S national debt is above 21 Trillion USD how do we pay for these things that’s the Left liberals Democrats want?

There is a bunch of things they want but I’ll just list the 3 major ones that have been mentioned 1. Free university tuition for everyone And student loan debt forgiveness 2. A free socialized universal healthcare system Which includes free access to birth control contraceptive abortion to women 3....
24 answers · Politics · 2 days ago

Pitcher Suspensions?

Miami's Jose Urena -- who is the very definition of a mediocre major league pitcher and who looks like a Haitian meth head -- was suspended for 5 games after clipping Atlanta left fielder and NL Rookie of the Year front runner Ronald Acuna in the elbow with a 97 MPH fastball to open last night's game. Acuna...
6 answers · Baseball · 1 day ago